The Company

Biological Monitoring, Inc. (BMI) specializes in issues of water quality. The environmental consulting firm emerged from the academic community in 1980 in response to an increasing demand for expertise in aquatic toxicology and risk assessment. Our highly motivated and academically trained scientists work closely with clients to create practical solutions to environmental problems.

BMI interacts with regulatory agencies on behalf of its clients to solve specific environmental problems associated with water quality and toxicological regulations and the requirements for compliance. BMI's main research and laboratory facility is located in Blacksburg, Virginia. In addition, a mobile laboratory facilitates on-site testing. We specialize in the development and application of procedures to create feasible solutions that balance the need for environmental protection and continued economic development.

Since its founding, BMI has maintained a commitment to research and development of aquatic biomonitoring and toxicological concepts, which has resulted in leading edge technologies and applications. Key personnel at BMI have published numerous book chapters and papers in peer-reviewed journals, presented papers and seminars at regional and national meetings, and have been invited to review manuscripts and grant proposals in the fields of aquatic toxicology, ecology, and biomonitoring. ]