Impact Assessments

An impact assessment is the identification of the consequences of a previous, current, or proposed action. Determining the effect of an effluent on the receiving system may require an impact assessment. BMI uses the latest guidance documents and protocols to provide you with a state-of-the-art answer to your questions. Effluent, water and sediment toxicity tests (both laboratory and in-situ) are only a few of the components that BMI can use in an impact assessment. The only way to briefly measure an impact is to examine the receiving system. BMI can use many structural and functional components of the system to measure these potential effects. These can include the use of fish, macroinvertebrate, algae and periphyton studies. Extensive experience in these areas is the key to solving your problems. BMI has been conducting such assessments since 1980 and can provide you with the information to design an impact assessment tailored for your site-specific needs.

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